Mundunur (hardbound)

Montenero Val Cocchiara is usually referred to simply as Montenero, or Mundunur in the local dialect. Montenero is a typical mountain village on the border of the Abruzzo and Molise regions, but it is more than that. Its history was tinted by contacts with numerous powerful groups over many centuries. The village and its people prove to be unique, but they also are highly embued with elements common to all in South Italy.

         Of course it is the hope of the author that anyone with roots in South Italy will benefit from reading this book. However, his much greater aspiration is that others will equally enjoy the story of Montenero as a metaphor of their own ancestral village or town, regardless of country or even see the village as a microcosm of the world where the forces of history and culture forge the character of people.

Mundunur (hardbound)

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  • 6 "x 9" hardbound, 336 pages, full-color, 222 illustrations

  • Foreword by Valeria Cocozza, Ph.D., University of Molise



    • Table Talk: Legends of the Old Country
    • A Foreigner Discovers the Ancestral Village
    • Setting the Stage Between Land and Sky
    • Footprints in Isernia Leading to Romanization
    • Knock, Knock: Invasions from the North & South
    • Spain Transforms a Kingdom into a Colony
    • Nobles, Peasants, Rebels, and Relics
    • Spanish Attempt to Restore the Kingdom
    • The French Return and the Spanish Follow
    • Quasi-Unification, Social Unrest, Emigration
    • Political Undercurrents and World War I
    • Back to Work: Tools, Land, and Home
    • Modern Black Shirts: Dressing for World War II
    • Postwar Pleasures and Pains
    • Molise’s Future and Montenero Hereafter
    • A Three-Day Fictional Tour of Montenero
    • Postscript: Montenero’s Grand Relationship
    • Notes, Appendices, Bibliography, Index